Open House 5 until Sunday 6 July

Open House 5 005

A unique group exhibition featuring artists living and working in Cork City and County

Opening Thursday 12 June 7pm – all welcome

Running until Sunday 6 July 2014

Sirius Arts Centre presents Open House 5 celebrating a wide range of artists who live and work in the Cork Area. We began Open House 6 years ago based on a presentation made in Łodz, Poland of the Homeless Gallery (Galeria Bezdomna) was a spontaneously created photographic exhibition begun in 2002. The idea of the Homeless Gallery is to make an exhibition space available to everyone. The initial Homeless Gallery was organised in the Former Merchants Guild House in Warszawa, followed by the second Homeless Gallery in the Gdansk shipyards.  Since then there have been over one hundred Homeless Galleries successfully organised in a wide range of areas such as: Wrocław, Kielce and Kraków in Poland, as well as in South America, Australia and Algeria.

Unlike these Homeless Galleries – Sirius Arts Centre doesn’t have the vastness of space for a completely free for all exhibition, so we had to change the format a bit to suit our organization. In April we made a public call out to artists living and working in the Cork area. We opened the submissions to any 2D visual art work that was ready to hang on the wall and not bigger than 80cm squared. Artists had the opportunity to pre-book their space in the exhibition – reservations had to be taken due to our limited space, allowing only those artists who took the time to arrange an appointment for dropping off their work to participate.

The response has been astounding! The slots were completely filled in a matter of a few hours. This illustrates to us the huge need for more exhibition space in the Cork region. The presentation of this exhibition is very casual, our Open House exhibitions are not ‘formal’ in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, it is evidence of the huge energy, variety and talents existing in the area and the creativity that abounds in our community.

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Friday 11am 1pm & 2pm – 5pm / Saturday & Sunday 2pm – 5pm / Monday & Tuesday Closed